All pets must be approved prior to move in date by our office.


On or after the adoption of this rule pursuant to the authority granted to the board under Article VII section 15 of the By Laws of Crosswinds Condominiums, each co-owner shall be allowed to maintain either one cat or one dog, provided however, that the possession of dogs of the Pit Bull or Rottweiler species or breeds, or English Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or similarly named breed commonly known as pit bull, shall not be permitted on the association property. Mixed breeds of these dogs are also included in this prohibition.


Any dog of these species that is owned by residents of the properties, that has been registered with the association, pursuant to the previously adopted rules and by–laws of the Association, shall be allowed to remain in the continuous possession of the registered tenant or co-owner. All dogs of these breeds not registered prior to the enacted date of this amendment shall be removed from the property within 30 days of the effective date thereof.


Any of these dogs that are exempted shall be leashed at all times when upon common properties. No leash shall exceed six (6) feet in length. Under no circumstances shall a dog of these breeds pure or mixed, be left unattended outside of the fenced in patio area of any unit at any time whatsoever.


The Board of Directors shall further be authorized to require any owner of an exempted dog hereunder to provide proof of insurance that insures the said dogs in such amount as the board deems to be adequate and sufficient to protect the well-being of all persons lawfully on the property of the association or any co-owner hereof.

September 28, 2012