Owers are allowed to post one "for sale" sign in a window of your unit. A sale/transfer fee of $100.00 will be invoiced to your account at the time of the sale and indicated on the package information provided to the title company. As the co-owner selling the unit, it is necessary that you turn over your copy of the Master Deed.  A replacment copy is available at a cost of $30.00 through our mail office. The mailbox key and the pool key must be turned over to the new co-owner or our office.





Any co-owner interested in leasing out their unit must follow the Master Deed By-Laws. A copy of the lease agreement (signed by both parties) must be received by our office at least 10 days before the new tenant's move in date to ensure Board approval of the agreement. All lease agreements must be made for a duration of at least 12 months of time. Crosswinds does not accept leasing units on a month to month basis nor for any period of time shorter than 12 months. The co-owner is responsible to provide our office with a copy of each lease agreement being renewed in a timely manner prior to the expiration date of the existing lease agreement. If these documents are not received by our office on or before 10 days prior of the date of expiration, an infraction fine will be assessed to your account.  If at any time your unit is vacated during an existing lease agreement, our office is to be informed.  Monthly association fees, assessments, infractions and replacement key cost must be paid by the co-owner. Crosswinds does not accept second / third party payments.