Vehicle Updates

All vehicles must be registered with the office. You may register them through updating your resident information form here on the website, email a work order with the information or email us directly.

Lease tenants are responsible to inform either the co-owner or the office when moving in and or if there is a change to a vehicle.

It is mandatory that all vehicles are properly and currently plated / tabs. Any vehicle that is not current on tabs will be notificed via an orange car sticker which will allow you time to contact us and provide a reasonably time frame / date that you will be updating your plate / tab. If the plate / tab is not brought up to date, the vehicle will received a second sticker notifying you of the date the vehicle will be towed.

Towed vehicles will be the vehicle owners expense for which Crosswinds will bill you directly.

Vehicles found with no plate, will be towed sooner.

Crosswinds property is not a storage lot, abandon vehicles are not tolerated. All vehicles must be in working order and the property of co-owners or lease tenant living on the property.

If you are unable to plate / tab your vehicle, it must be immediately removed from the property to avoid towing.

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