Fall / Winter Reminders

Fall clean up is being worked on this week in an attempt to complete the property, but the weather has not been cooperative.

With winter upon us, it is important that everyone cooperate with the general rules of condominum living.

Please make sure to bring in all pet leashes off and out of the patio/porch area. Do not ever leave a leash out during the snow months as the leash can get caught up in the snow blower and cause an accident to the person using the machine. Make sure your pet is not outside during snow removal. If the contractor cannot access your walkway, it will delay cleaning the walk to your unit.

Make sure all ornamental lawn objects are removed from the path of the walkway to ensure they are not damaged.

If you have a gate to your patio and it is not open, the walk will not be cleared to your porch step and the contractor will not be responsible to return and clean this at a later time.

We ask that you attempt to move your vehcile to a cleared area when the plows are on site, this will allow your area to be properly cleared.

Ice melt has been placed out at each mail station, please use this for those times of high winds blowing the snow, covering your walks etc. and for your porch. If you find an ice melt container empty, please take a moment and inform the office via email or through the work order system here on our website.

Keep in mind that plowing takes place after 2 inches of snow has fallen. If the forecast is calling for extreme snow, the plowing will be held off as it is pointless to plow during a heavy snowfall. The only time this might happen is if we have an unusal amount predicted, the Board will make the decision if we will plow during and after.

Last, please be sure to place your trash bags out, away from the mounds of snow to ensure proper pick of the trash during the winter months.

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