Property Updates /Spring Reminders

The entrance construction will resume soon. In addition to the new sign, lighting, and plants that are being installed at the south entrance, it has been voted in that the pillars will be recovered with matching stone at both entrances.

The Board is also reviewing the property line shared with Bridgewood Subdivision. Current we are waiting on the City office to meet regarding some concerns of the area, drainage, drain system. Once we receive input of this, we will look into what best will work to update this area (appearance & structure).

Pool / Bath house updates at the small pool are awaiting cost proposals.

Road way pot holes, seams, and one drain cover area are being scheduled for repair.

Street sweeping is being scheduled to clean up our neighborhood.

A potential siding project is being reviewed.

Cost of tree placement will be revisited late spring / early summer.


We are currently in talks with a second part time person for the property, that would allow for us to hopefully have a maintenance person(s) on site between the business hours of 8 to 4 pm, by using split shifts.


Please see to it that you are cleaning up around your unit on a regular basis. The Board has already started their routine walk through, listing infractions.

All pet owners; it is mandatory that you clean up after your pet each and every time they utilize the outdoors. If your area is found to be not clean, an infraction fine will be immediately assessed.

Holiday decorations were to be removed as of February 1, 2016, if your unit is still displaying any item of this décor, your unit will be assessed an infraction fine.

Patio areas should be kept tidy at all times. Please see to it that such items as bikes, etc. are kept inside the far patio area so not to be seen when walking by.

Personal gardening areas must be maintained on a regular basis. If the area in front of your fence is not grass, then changes to the original appearance have been changed and the association is not responsible to maintain them. Weeding and growth of plants must be maintained by the co-owners / lease tenants.

Blinds, shades and drapes, according to the rules / policy, must be white or off white in color from the outside appearance. It is recommended that if you are placing decorative window covers, that you place a solid white or off white backing so that the decoration of the drape etc. does not show through from the outside of your unit.

Thanks and make it a great Spring!

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