Pools Opening/ Holiday Trash Pick Up

Trash pick up will be on a one day holiday delay. Please place your trash out on Tuesday of the holiday week for pick up on Wednesday. Normal scheduling will resume the following week and pick up will be on Tuesday as usual.

Pool season is officially arrived. The pools are open as of today, May 27, 2016. Please make sure to follow the pools rules to ensure everyone's enjoyment. No food or glass containers are allowed. The no food rule is due to no pool monitor and therefore, we follow the health department / county rule on this. If food is reported to be in the pool area, that co-owner will be assessed infraction fines and possibly risk being restricted from pool usage.

Common rules: please put the umbrellas down after using them, push your chairs back in at the tables, dispose of your trash into the trash container. No toys or floating style rafts are allowed as they interfere with other co-owners enjoyment of using the pool. Always make sure the gate is locked behind you for liability purposes.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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