Small pool closing

The small pool, located at the north end of the property, will be closed to complete a bathhouse/equipment room renovation. We anticipate the closing to last a maximum of 18 days (weather permitting). At this time, we will also be doing some work on the pool itself and are excited since it was in need of both.

The project includes the removal of all items down to the studs, replacement of drywall, toilets, vanities, mirrors, new ceiling fans, light fixtures, new doors and repairs to the outside siding. This will include drywall and new door for the back portion, which is the equipment room.

Once everything is completed the pool will be re-opened. Our scheduled seasonal closing of both pools is not until approximately September 18th (weather permitting) which will give those who prefer the small pool plenty time to enjoy it, in the mean time, the large pool remains open for community use. We appreciate your patience and wish everyone a wonderful end to their summer.

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